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Exciting experiences among nature

There are thousands of possibilities to arrange incentives in Aosta Valley. The uniqueness of the natural atmosphere blends with the creativity of the organizer to find more original and unconventional solutions. The tourist offer and services allows choosing among many topics, from extreme outdoor activities to the more traditional and unique aspects of the local culture. We propose some ideas that can be developed and personalized according to the requirements, but the list of the possibilities is much broader.

These can be organized for a group of participants with various levels of confidence on the snow and various disciplines: alpine ski, snowboard, or cross-country skiing. In alternative to skiing, there are other disciplines that do not require a specific ability; for example inner tube or snow bike. The organization of the event indicates the layout of the trails and all necessary support (conducting the contest, timing, awards etc.). At the end, lunch or a snack will be arranged in a shelter. Where: Cervinia, Cogne, Courmayeur, La Thuile, Ayas, Gressoney Crévacol, Pila.

Recommended season: Winter

May the best win!

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The snowshoe trails can be followed by day or evening with a headlamp. There may be various levels of difficulty based on the distance, adapted also to those who do not usually practice sports. It can be matched to a topic (naturalistic observation, photography) or a role game (i.e. treasure hunts). Snowshoeing can conclude with a high-altitude dinner in a mountain hut. The return route can take place in the same way by fiaccolata, or snowcats. Where: everywhere.

Recommended Season: Winter


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The night is short for us

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With these unique instruments in Europe, daily observation of the sun is possible, summer and winter, or use of the planetarium for the discovery of celestial time, with short or detailed lessons in scientific tours.

Sons of the stars

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Traveling a river tract in group by inner tube can be a very entertaining experience available to all. More adventurous tubers may take longer and more difficult routes. Every inner tube can accommodate up to 8 people. The rafting can take place from May to October at specialized locations such as Villeneuve and Morgex.

Recommended season: summer.

The adventure parks of Aosta Valley offer excitement in the greatest safety. Among forests and highest mountains, the fun routes, for example, allow passing from one tree to another secured by a steel cable, or more elementary activities. Also the level of difficulty can vary here based on the requirements of the organization and abilities of the participants. The parks are in Antey-Saint-André, Champoluc, Pila, Pré-Saint-Didier, Valsavarenche, and Villeneuve.

Recommended season: summer.

Danger is my trade: I dominate it!

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The trekking of Aosta Valley is made unique by the presence of peaks that exceed 4,000 m, such as Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, and Mont Blanc. Trekking can be organized by topic, such as, for example, searching for medicinal plants, photography (accompanied by professional photographers), or, for the more experienced, an introduction to trail running simulating a stage of a trail endurance competition on Tor des Geants or the ascent to a summit of more than 4,000 m altitude. To this experience can be added trekking on prepared trails or an introductory course in mountaineering.

Recommended season: summer.

The night is short for us

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Valle d'Aosta is the native land of the Charbonnier family, Italian champions of the discipline, all with “their heads in the clouds.” The passion, transmitted from parent to child, fills the sky of Valle d'Aosta with multicolored balloons in every season.

Hot-air balloons are planned, constructed, and controlled according to high standards of reliability and flights are always carried out in excellent weather conditions. The experience of the pilots, all with specific qualification, additionally guarantees safety.

Looking down from this privileged 360 degree observation point the eye embraces Aosta and its monuments from an unusual perspective, extending to upper Aosta Valley

Recommended season: summer.

Two memorable experiences, in the presence of imposing peaks, considered among the world's most spectacular natural wonders.

It is not necessary to be a mountain climber to go up to high altitudes: thanks to these cableways, a real outstanding masterpiece of engineering, it is possible to quickly reach altitudes beyond 3,000 meters for a closer view of Mont Blanc, the surrounding Matterhorn and alpine panoramas.

Recommended season: summer and winter.

Touch the sky with a finger

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Not far from Aosta there is a place full of charm, a seductive border territory, where the extraordinary beauty of nature blend traces of an ancient past. This is the Gran San Bernardo, a rocky plateau at 2,437 meters above sea level which joins Italy to the Swiss Valais.

A site steeped in history and magic, important point located along the Via delle Gallie, road built by the Romans to link Rome to the Rhone Valley. The beauty of this place makes it possible to combine fascinating historical roots with sports and recreational, truly unique and fascinating.

Modeled on the “Alpages Ouverts” initiative, carried out in summer to discover the fascination and secrets of a day on the alpine slopes in company of cattle breeders (arpian in the local dialect) among the greenest and lushest pastures. It is possible to have an original experience by assisting or participating in activities of milking and cheese production, tasting the products, and lunching on alpine slopes. When: from June to September.

Alpages ouverts

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In Aosta Valley, popular sports have special importance as an identifying heritage of the community and boast a great following. They provide a moment of meetings, sharing, and fun in a celebration of tradition and local customs. There are four traditional games:

  • fiolet, a characteristic team sport, absolutely the most practiced, in which a little ball is hit with a stick (very similar to golf)
  • tsan, an ancient team sport reminiscent of baseball
  • rebatta, in which a little ball is launched as far as possible by hitting it with a hammer
  • palet, a variant of the game of piastrelle (tiles) in which a disc is launched toward a boccino (jack)

Tsan, Palet, Fiolet, Rebatta

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Ancient remedies are among the main expressions of the culture and Alpine tradition: knowledge handed down over time, curative recipes, and domestic preparations with medicinal herbs constitute an invaluable heritage.

Maison des Anciens Remèdes of Jovençan, just few km from Aosta, is a treasure store of tradition, practice and knowledge connected with the different uses of the medicinal plants of Aosta Valley. The Maison museum is a center of study, research, training and learning and constitutes the first example and reference in Italy for the study of traditional medicinal plants of the Alps.

The Handicraft Museum of Aosta Valley is dedicated to the cultural heritage of the community and all practices and traditions that are part of the territorial identity.

The MAV was conceived not only as a place for conservation and safeguarding handicrafts, but also as an interactive space where it is possible to arrange craft workshops on specific work techniques and traditional production.

A proposal that blends sustainable mobility with the opportunity to know the territory where Aosta Valley doc wines are born.  The proposal provides a tour of the vineyards that encircle the Cave des Onze Communes, one of the main wine cellars of the region, using bicycles with assisted pedaling. At the end, it will be possible to stop at a cellar shop for tasting wines from the cooperative's production and typical products.

Pedaling among the vines

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